Pig slaughter line

According to the eating habits in every part of the world, Cogemat is able to offer design, construction and installation of the appropriate slaughtering lines, as well as the related processing lines of by-products and meat.
We complete our solutions with deboning and vacuum packaging lines of meat, dedicated to the selling  of fresh or frozen cuts and to the sausage production, according to the local tastes and traditions. Our slaughtering projects proposal have the range from 5 to 500 pigs per hour, including various scalding systems, in hot water, steam sauna or hot water shower as well as dry skinning, if required. Below we display some machines and systems of our production that compose the different slaughtering lines.


From 5 to 10 pig per hour

We propose a machine for scalding in hot water, self-produced, and for dehairing at the same time through two rotating rollers with rubber scrapers. It is suitable for small slaughterhouses and slaughtering in the farm, to supply the factory outlet and the small artisanal sausage producer. Electric heating or by gas/diesel burner.


From 20 to 120 pig per hour

These are traditional lines with bleeding of the pig hanged vertically on the rail or horizontally on motorized belt conveyor with blood collection tank on the bottom. Timed scalding in tank feeded by hot water and dehairing machine synchronized with the going forward inside the tank. The slaughtering takes place on motorized conveyor until the final showering

Up to 240 pig per hour

High capacity lines with bleeding that can also take place horizontally on motorized belt only. Particularly appreciated by  “prosciutto makers” because it avoids possible injury of the femur during the hanging. Automated going forward in the tank and fully mechanized slaughtering conveyors. Each operation is managed by PLC.

Up to 500 pig per hour

Particularly sophisticated lines for high production. Bleeding occurs first horizontally and then vertically. When dragging the pig into the tank, it remains hanged to the motorized chain conveyor. The hair removal takes place in multiple machines tunnel while several conveyors manage the next steps through PLC.

Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, training & start up

We design your pig slaughterhouse and manage the whole project.

We complete our proposal with deboning and under vacuum packing line regarding the meat to be dispatched fresh or frozen for selling. Finally, we agree with the Customer every product by minced or cured meat like sausage or salami, in the frame of local tasting and tradition.

Other slaughtering lines

Mobile abattoir