50 years of experience

Modern and dynamic firm of world’s slaughtering system and meat technology.

Cogemat by the numbers

COGEMAT puts on customer’s disposal FIFTY years experience matured from its Managing Director and referred to the exclusive activity of design and manufacturing of slaughtering systems, since 1972.

Special care is reserved to the UE Rules, required in all slaughtering the most important firms among the European companies. COGEMAT offers the services of a modern and dynamic firm, alert in most exigent, either public or private customer’s needs, and generally in the “meat” field. Lay-out and design are manufactured by own engineers become specialists after long years inside the firm as well as the machine’s construction is executed into the own factory, while for simple structural steel work COGEMAT utilizes controlled third parties factory, related with ISO 9001-2015 certification, or provides drawings to the Customer for local manufacturing. Cogemat is able to customize the equipment according to any special needs, like cattle ritual killing box (with top opening in case of long horn race) or automatic switching system to feed the cold rooms, and so on.

In addition, Cogemat, to assure the best service and guarantee its Islamic customers, is the only European Company Halal certified for its manufactured ritual machineries for cattle and sheep killing. As well as regarding the slaughtering lines, Cogemat provides for all the necessary auxiliary plants installation, testing, commissioning. Training and after-sale assistance complete the COGEMAT services range. Finally, even in case of “turn key” abattoir, Cogemat can assure a successful project, thanks to the concrete experience already performed.

Organization chart

Mr. Gioacchino Arena
Eng. Raimondo Damigella
Doc. Simona Arena
Eng. Carlo Benedetto
Doc. Salvo Rotella